Russian tracking service (Russian Post & EMS)

You can enable free notifications about your package.
E-mail: description: Post tracking is a new modern service that allows you to completely control movement of your letters and other postings. Today it has become so simple and convenient, that you can be absolutely sure that your mail will be delivered. It often happens that a letter, a parcel or a package gets delayed somewhere on the way. Thanks to post tracking service you can check delivery dates and if necessary, raise a claim with postal services.

This tracking service works with postal services of Russia (Russian Post and EMS Russian Post), as well as with postal services of China, Singapore, Canada, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, Germany, etc.

Advantages of post tracking service:
a) no need to register on the web site;
b) simple and easy-to-use;
c) instant tracking of posting at any point and stage of delivery.

So how does this service work?
To be able to track your posting, it’s necessary to know its track number. You need to type this number into specified window on the site. Every track number will get its own reference which you can share on forums, blogs and social networks. Besides, you can subscribe to notifications which will come to your e-mail every time your posting changes status.
Thus, this service will enable you to quickly and hassle-free control any kind of posting. This service is absolutely free, and doesn’t require registration or other complicated actions.

If you don’t want to receive any notifications about one of your postings, just click "unsubscribe" in any of the letters related to this track number. Post tracking ceases automatically as soon as posting has reached its destination address.

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